Compliance Training

Compliance Training

The Challenge

This was an interesting project I did for a well-known electronics manufacturing company, which needed to train their employees on their code of business conduct and ethics; and demonstrate compliance for regulatory purposes. The company, which is branched across North America, Asia, and the Middle East, were struggling to convey the content to all employees across their different languages, cultures, and locations.

The Solution

The solution I chose was an interactive Flash-based Web Based Training (WBT), which covers the main sections of the code with real-life scenarios. Once the English version was approved, it was translated into four more languages. The concept I used was along the lines of the famous “60 Minutes” TV show, which brings stories of (fictional) employees from across the company’s sites. Each story brings a different dilemma which relates to a different section of the code, and the learners are being asked how would they solve this dilemma should they be in that situation. The company’s CEO also took an active part in the learning experience and greeted the employees for taking on this challenge.



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