The Challenge

This example is a small part of a  big and challenging project I was leading for a pharmaceutical company. The Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) department were preparing to implement a new methodology in their organization which involved getting all company’s EHS professionals trained on dozens of new safety standards within less than a year. Each standard relates to a different EHS aspect in the facility and the safety experts in the facilities needed to demonstrate high compliance with the new standards, which were written in a very dull manner and worded in a complex “legal” language. There was a need to lively up the material to make it appealing to the target audience and more fun to learn.


The Solution

We used a “light” and fun visual language to create an inviting learning experience and applied creative thinking for each standard to create a fun and engaging solutions. The following example shows how I took one standard about preparing your facility for an emergency, and turning it into a learning game, which involves completing different tasks on a time constraint, doing a risk assessment and following the standard guidelines while earning points and badges along the way. The feedback we got was extremely positive. We got to a point where the safety professionals were eager for the next module to be released.

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