Software Simulation

Software Simulation

The Challenge

This was a fun project for a 3D printing company I was involved with. The company wanted to train their partners in online marketing strategies. They already had a training program in place using live webinars, but since they were growing rapidly, they needed to scale the operation and convert the live webinars into engaging and interactive content on their new partner training website.

The Solution

The team and I chose a blended solution, took the “gist” out of the existing content and built a series of software simulations for the technical content i.e. how to create an Adwords account in Google, along with some expert tips from the course instructors. The rest of the content was split up to some interactive coursewares and knowledgebase articles, while the live webinars were re-built to enforce the material already learned and leaving time for Q&A. The following video shows a fast-forward example of one of the software simulations I’ve built.

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