Content Writing

Content Writing

The Challenge

Bank Hapoalim, a leading chain of banks in Israel has initiated a free and extensive knowledge center for the general public.  The portal covers a variety of topics that revolve around financial education, both for citizens and business owners. Needless to say that this is a huge undertaking that involves many moving parts, from the technology and implementation aspects to the actual content creation. Writing about complex and arguably boring subjects for the general public is no easy task, especially when you don’t really know who exactly is your reader. Methodica Effective Learning Ltd. one of the top Instructional Design firms in Israel were looking for excellent content writers who could take any complex topic and write a concise article, which gives the reader the gist in bite-size pieces, that are also fun and easy to read.

The Solution

Working on this challenge forced to make a big paradigm shift. I was no longer developing a learning module to a target audience which I could assume their prior knowledge level. Additionally, unlike corporate employees who are arguably considered as “a captive audience” that often must undergo a training program, the public audience on the other hand, have a very short attention span, and are looking for the bottom line quickly, or else they will just bounce to a different source of knowledge that will provide what they were looking for. After some trial and error and great feedback from my colleagues, I managed to produce some great content that I’m very proud of while enjoying the fast learning curve. Here’s a taste of the site homepage, with a link to it from the image (apologies for you non-Hebrew speakers).

The Center for Financial Growth by Bank Hapoalim


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