Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning

The Challenge

Have you ever been in a situation where you started a random conversation with someone who asked you, “What do you do?” and found yourself struggling to explain it in simple words?

Now imagine a situation where dozens of sales employees struggle to explain to potential customers what their company does and how their products work. 

It can be incredibly challenging when the company’s line of business and products are not trivial. 

Imagine the amount of money potentially lost in each sales conversation that goes sideways due to this lack of clarity? 

I’ll let you do the math.


That was precisely the situation with the Forex company that reached out to me.

After a few discussions, we finally cracked it – Sales reps should pass the Grandma Test!


The Solution

What exactly is the Grandma Test?

Well, if you can explain what you do simply enough that your grandma could understand, you passed!

That concept guided me through this eLearning; it was a lot of fun, especially when the client agreed to go with all our wacky ideas.




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